Provider Training: All Lessons

1. Welcome to ServiceLive

  • Welcome to ServiceLiveVideo

2. Set Up

  • Installing Adobe ReaderVideo
  • Optimized Browsers for ServiceLiveVideo
  • Clearing Browsing DataVideo
  • Scan and Save DocumentsVideo

3. Registration

4. SPN (Select Provider Networks)

  • Joining A Select Provider Network: OverviewText
  • Apply to a Select Provider NetworkVideo|Text
  • Reapply to a Select Provider NetworkVideo|Text

5. Administration

  • Manage Team (Includes Reset Passwords)Text
  • Edit Company ProfileText
  • View Company ProfileText
  • W9 Legal Tax InformationText
  • Managing your Provider Coverage by Zip CodeText

6. ServiceLive Wallet

7. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Using The IVR (Automated Phone System)Video|Text

8. Order Management

9. Complete Service Order & Get Paid

10. Mobile App

  • Mobile App Permission LevelsVideo|Text
  • Install the ServiceLive Pro Mobile AppVideo|Text
  • Log Into the ServiceLive Pro Mobile AppVideo|Text
  • Search, Filters, and CalendarVideo|Text
  • View Service Order DetailsVideo|Text
  • Accept or Reject a Service OrderVideo|Text
  • Assign or Reassign Service ProviderVideo|Text
  • Update the Appointment WindowVideo|Text
  • Reschedule a Service OrderVideo|Text
  • View and Add NotesVideo|Text
  • View and Add PhotosVideo|Text
  • RevisitsVideo|Text
  • Cancellation RequestsVideo|Text
  • Service Order Completion (includes parts)Video|Text
  • Pro Mobile App SettingsVideo|Text
  • Using the Pro Mobile App When Cell Service is DownVideo|Text
  • Pro Mobile App Push Notifications     Text
  • Adding Additional Services – ServiceLive Consumer Services     Text
  • Processing Customer Payment for Additional Services on Innovel Solutions orders – Check or Credit Card     Text
  • Offering a Sears Home Warranty using the ServiceLive Pro Mobile App Video
  • ServiceLive Pro Mobile App Quick Guide    Text

11. Service Order Monitor

  • Today Tab (Active & Completed Orders)Text
  • Pending CancelText
  • Received Tab (Service Order Opportunities)Text
  • Bid Requests Tab (For Sears Facilities Orders)Text
  • Bulletin Board TabText
  • Accepted Tab (Includes View/Print PDF)Text
  • Problem TabText
  • Inactive Tab (Includes Rate the Buyer)Text
  • Search TabText

12. Get Assistance

  • Contacting ServiceLive, Training & CommunityVideo|Text
  • Provider GuidelinesText
  • Glossary of ServiceLive TermsText

13. Recorded Webinars

  • Intro to ServiceLive: Service Order ManagementVideo
  • Intro to ServiceLive: Sears In-HomeVideo
  • Intro to ServiceLive: Direct to Consumer (D2C)Video
  • Flushmate SPN Provider TrainingVideo
  • Carry-In Call Creation Portal TrainingVideo

14. Buyer Required Training

  • Complete your Buyer required training here!
  • Sign in with your ServiceLive username.
  • *Please note – access to the Learning Management System (LMS) is by Buyer SPN invitation only. If you have been invited but not yet applied, we urge you to complete the Buyer’s SPN application process as soon as possible.