Assign Provider Link

This lesson explains how to manage Service Orders in Assign Provider link.  From Assign Provider link you can assign a Service Provider to a Service Order if one has not yet been assigned.

  1. When you login to ServiceLive, the Dashboard tab will open.
  2. Navigate to  assign-provider-button  link:
    • Click on  order-management-button  tab.
    • Click on  assign-provider-button  link from left navigation panel.
    • Indicates the number of open Service Orders for your Provider Firm on  assign-provider-button link.
  3. Assign a Provider to Service Order:
    • Click on  assign-provider-button2  button.
    • Review Service Order information.
    • Click on drop down arrow under Assign this order to and scroll down to select Provider.
      Note: Distance in miles (behind Provider name) represents Provider distance from Service Location.  Center of zip code to center of zip code as a crow flies.
    • Click on  confirm-button  button.
  4. Assign a Provider Confirmation:
    • Confirmation message will display at top of screen.
    • Service Order is now located in  schedule-button  link.
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