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This lesson explains what information is available on Summary tab and how to locate Summary tab.   The Summary tab is available by opening a Service Order.  This can be done via multiple tabs: Today, Received, Bid Requests, Bulletin Board, Accepted, Problem, or Inactive.  Different sections display on Summary tab based on Service Order status and type of Service Order (i.e. Name Your Price or Bid Request).

  1. When you login to ServiceLive, the Dashboard tab will open.
  2. Navigate to Summary tab:
    Note:  Inactive tab is only available from Service Order Monitor tab.

    • Click on appropriate link on dashboard.
    • OR click on  som  tab.
    • Click on appropriate tab.
      Note:  You can locate Summary tab via Today, Received, Bid Requests, Bulletin Board, Accepted, Problem or Inactive tabs.
  3. View Service Order Details:
    • Click on  white-right-arrow  button in View Detail column.
    • OR click on Title link to display Service Order details.
      Note:  The screens/columns will vary depending on which tab you access Service Order from, however the steps are the same.
  4. Locate and View Summary tab:
  1. Information that displays on Summary tab:
    • Depending on Service Order status, you will see either of the following tabs on Summary tab.
    • Once you open Service Order, Summary tab will display the following sections based on Service Order status and type of Service Order (i.e. Name Your Price or Bid Request). The sections include detailed information that Buyer and Provider entered throughout lifecycle of this Service Order.  Click on right or  down buttons to expand or collapse sections.
      • General Information – Always displays.
      • Scope of Work – Always displays.
      • Service Order Bids – Displays only for Bid Request.
      • Comments – Displays if Sears Facilities Service Order is in Received status OR Bid Request or later in lifecycle.
      • Contact Information – Always displays if Service Order is Accepted status or later in lifecycle.
      • Documents & Photos – Always displays.
      • Parts – Displays if Service Order is Name Your Price OR Bid Request.
      • Service Order Pricing – Displays if Service Order is Name Your Price.
      • Choose a Service Provider from the list below – Displays if Service Order is in Received status AND is Name Your Price.
      • Service Order Assignment – Display If Service Order is in Received status AND is Name Your Price AND once you have chosen a Service Provider.
    • Providers should evaluate information for each Service Order before you Accept Terms & Conditions, Accept Service Order, Counter Offer, or Reject Service Order. Refer to Received tab lesson in Service Order Monitor course for details.
    • The next several steps in this lesson identify the sections/information regarding Service Order that is important to review.
  2. General Information section:
    • Appointment Date = Date and Time Buyer has requested Service Order to be completed.
    • Location = City, State, and Zip Code for Service visit.
    • Google Directions = Link to Google map from your Provider Firm Business Address to Service Location.
    • Overview = Details of what Buyer is requiring Provider to do if they Accept Service Order.
    • Buyer Terms & Conditions = The Terms & Conditions you agree to if you Accept Service Order (without conditions).
    • Special Instructions = Additional instructions about Service Order Buyer would like to communicate to Provider.
    • Buyer References = Optional Custom Reference fields used to track specific information by Buyer.
      • (* For Sears RI Service Orders) Merchandise Availability Date is displayed in this section
    • (* For Sears RI Service Orders) Add-on Service Opportunities = Additional Services that you may perform at this price for Customer.
  3. Scope of Work section:
    • Task Comments – this section identifies details of required work to be completed.
  4. Service Order Bids section:
    • Identifies bid amount that Provider entered and Bid Expiration date.
  5. Comments section:
    • Sears Facilities Buyer, Sears Facilities Providers that have received this Service Order opportunity, and ServiceLive Administrative Team will see Comments and Replies.
    • Can add, view, or reply to comments on Service Order.
    • Comments typically are entered during the time when Providers are determining if they are going to Accept Service Order OR during Bid process.
    • Refer to Received tab OR Bid Requests tab lesson in Service Order Monitor course for details.
  6. Contact Information section:
    • Identifies Service Location, Buyer Contact, and Service Provider Information for Service Order.
  7. Documents & Photos section:
    • This is where Provider will attach all required Documents & Photos required to Complete Service Order so Buyer can review and Close and Pay Service Order.
    • Provider can also view or print all Documents & Photos they previously attached and Documents & Photos Buyer attached.
    • Refer to Complete for Payment lesson in Complete and Close a Service Order course for details.
  8. Parts section:
    • Identifies if there are Parts that require pick up and installation.
    • (* For Sears RI Service Orders) Identifies Pick-up/Merchandise Location.
    • (* For Sears RI Service Orders) Product at Job Site means the merchandise will be at job site by specified Merchandise Availability Date.
      • If the Provider finds that the Buyer did not correctly identify the location of the Product, the Provider should contact the Buyer directly.
    • If no parts are required for pickup, Parts section will display with below information.
  9. Service Order Pricing section:
    • Identifies the Labor, Material and if the Service Order requires a Permit (for some Sears RI Service Orders) this section will include the Permit Price.
    • Once Service Order is completed, Service Fee and Provider Payment will also display.
  10. Service Order Assignment section:
    Note:  You must choose a Service Provider for ServiceLive Terms & Conditions section to display.

    • Select radio button for appropriate Service Provider.
    • This section is used when you Receive Service Order and are determining if you are going to Accept, Counter Offer or Reject. Refer to Received tab lesson in Complete and Close a Service Order course for details.
    • Click on blue link  sltc-link to view Terms & Conditions.
    • Provider Terms & Conditions (Agreement) opens in new browser window.
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