Provider Guidelines

The following are Provider Guidelines to ensure that our Service Pros meet the level of service quality that are expected of them – by both ServiceLive and the Buyer – as they represent themselves in the field.  Please read these guidelines completely to make sure you understand these expectations.

General Policies

The General Policies are guidelines that all ServiceLive Service Pros must adhere to as they utilize the site, interact or exchange communications with Buyers, and perform their duties in the field. These General Policies are as follows:

A Service Pro Will:

  • Introduce him/her in a professional manner representing the Buyer that they received the job from.
  • Not leave behind their contact information, business cards, or their company specific documentation and refer Customers back to Buyer for additional service requests.
  • Not reassign a Service Order to another worker at any time. Service Pro that accepted the order must complete the Service Order.  There is a way for a Provider to reassign a Service Order to a member of the same firm that was included in the original Service Pro selection specified by the Buyer. Please refer to Dispatch Service Orders lesson in Service Order Monitor course.
  • Prior to accepting any Service Orders, the Service Pro agrees to the responsibility of achieving a 100% satisfaction rating on behalf of the Buyer. The Service Pro should confirm this before accepting any Service Order.
  • Accept and understand that all Service Orders and their processing must be via the ServiceLive system and not circumvent the system at any time.
  • Be responsible for your own transportation.
  • Be legally able to perform work “Accepted”.
  • Complete all Service Orders by ServiceLive standards of each vertical.
  • Not communicate with an end user regarding ratings.
  • Maintain an updated Provider Firm Profile and their individual Service Pros at all times.
  • Never solicit personal business in any way with a Buyer.
  • Acknowledge that they are an independent contractor and not an employee of ServiceLive.
  • Leave a Service Order site if any unsafe conditions occur.
  • Adhere to specifications of each Service Order they accept in a timely manner.
  • Complete all accepted work orders.
  • Provide detailed completion notes on a Service Order.
  • Maintain complete professional courtesy and manner with Buyers at all times.
  • Accept responsibility for all stated policies of ServiceLive.
  • Utilize IVR.

Dress Code

ServiceLive Service Pros are responsible for adhering to industry standards in professionalism and dress.

What Is Good Customer Service?

Good customer service is essential for any business. You can spend much time, energy, and money trying to recruit new Buyers, but unless you get some of those Buyers to return, it will be difficult for your business to be successful. Good customer service is about leaving Buyers satisfied and bringing them back for repeat business.

ServiceLive strives to provide its Buyers with service that far exceeds its competitors. The quality of customer service we provide can determine whether Buyers will do business with us and whether they will remain ServiceLive Buyers in the future.

As a ServiceLive Service Pro, you are essential/key to our customer service efforts.  When you perform service for our Buyers, you are the face of their business.  It is important, then, that you remember these things when dealing with ServiceLive Buyers.

  • Be Responsive – Answer your phone, e-mails, and all customer inquiries in a timely manner. Don’t leave the Buyers waiting.
  • Be Reliable – Be on time to all appointments. Don’t make promises that you cannot keep. Solve the problem or meet the need of the job you agreed to do.
  • Be Polite – Greet/acknowledge the customer, make eye contact, smile, ask permission, and say “thank you”. Remember that you are a guest in the Buyer’s home or business.
  • Listen – Give the Buyer your full attention. Ask open-ended questions to make sure you fully understand the Buyer’s need and the job you have agreed to do.
  • Be Helpful – Have a helpful attitude. Do what you can to leave a positive impression – one that the Buyer will not forget.
  • Be Professional – Stay focused on the task and stay in control throughout the service call. Avoid commenting on the problem or placing blame for the issue in any way.
  • Deal With Complaints – If a Buyer does complain, deal with it immediately. Apologize when appropriate and invite follow-up if the Buyer is unsatisfied.

Buyer satisfaction will be important to you as a Service Pro, as well. ServiceLive Buyers will have the opportunity to rate Service Pros after a Service Order is complete.  Buyer Ratings are one of the key elements that make the ServiceLive marketplace so powerful. The impression you leave with the Buyer, as well as your performance on the job, will determine what type of rating you earn as a Service Pro. Since your ratings will be available to the public for future Buyers to see, you will want to obtain high scores to attract more Buyers.

The Buyer Rating For Service Pros

Upon completion of each Service Order, Buyers will receive a phone call or an electronic survey asking specific questions about their recent service event.  The questions will cover the following key service elements:

  • Quality – Was the work performed to the level defined in your scope of work?
  • Communication – Did the Service Pro call you prior to the job to set up expectations? Did they call you prior to arrival?  Did you have a clear understanding of what the project entailed, and did the Service Pro articulate these things to you?
  • Timeliness – Did the Service Pro arrive on time? Did they complete the project when they promised?  Did they work hard the entire time they were at your location?
  • Professionalism – Was the Service Pro courteous? Did they address you in a professional manner: Did their appearance look professional?  Did they behave as if they were in control of the experience?
  • Value – Did you feel the service was equal to or better than what you expected and for what you paid?
  • Cleanliness – Was the Service Pro presentable? Did the Service Pro clean up the work area?  Did they respect your home and did they leave a mess anywhere?

The Buyer will rate the Service Pro on each of these key service elements on a five-point scale.   Your average of these ratings is your Service Event score.  Your average of the last 90 days of service events is your Current Rating and your average of overall ratings given by your customers since joining ServiceLive is your Lifetime Rating.  ServiceLive displays both Current Ratings and Lifetime Ratings, therefore available to the public where only you and the Buyer see your Service Event rating.  The Service Pro will also have an opportunity to rate the Buyer.

The five-point scale is comprised of the following:

5 – Highly Satisfied

4 – Very Satisfied

3 – Satisfied

2 – Somewhat Dissatisfied

1 – Dissatisfied

Service Pro Reputation

ServiceLive is committed to creating a transparent, frictionless marketplace platform.  In the spirit of this commitment, Service Pros will not only be rated by “Live” customers, they will also carry with them other behavioral metrics tracked by ServiceLive. Your performance as a Service Pro will greatly influence your success in the ServiceLive marketplace. High scores on Buyer Ratings and a strong provider reputation will undoubtedly help you attract more attention and obtain more leads.

Some of these “reputation” metrics will include:

  • Frequency of “Catch and Release” Work Orders – This is how often the Service Pro accepts and then rejects a Service Order.
  • Proper Add on Services.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Usage.
  • Closing service orders in a timely manner.

Add On Services on the Job Site

All add on services on the job site must be directed via the ServiceLive system. There are no exceptions to this policy.  The Service Pro may never up sell to an end user without the approval of the Buyer. Violation to this policy may lead to suspension or banning from doing business with ServiceLive.

Provider Firm and Service Pro Violation

In order to maintain the highest level of quality and ensure that all business conducted between Buyers and Service Pros on the ServiceLive platform is carried out with the highest level of integrity; ServiceLive has established Provider Firm and Service Pro Guidelines which if not complied with may result in corrective action up to and including termination from ServiceLive.

Please Avoid the Following Violations:

Unauthorized Service Pros

  • A service order must only be completed by the Buyer authorized Service Pro who is listed on the service order.
  • A Provider Firm must NOT under any circumstances; send a Service Pro replacement outside of the ServiceLive system as it violates the ServiceLive Terms & Conditions.
  • All service orders and their processing (i.e. additional services) should only be via the ServiceLive website.

Self Promoting

  • Service Pros are not employees or agents of ServiceLive.
  • Service Pros may not hand out personal business cards, flyers etc. The Service Pro should direct the end user to use the ServiceLive site for all future service needs.
  • The Provider Firm and/or their Service Pros must NOT discuss any rates with the end user unless previously authorized by the Buyer.
  • The Provider Firm and/or its Service Pro must NOT submit unauthorized information (website address, company name, phone number) as part of their Provider Firm profile with ServiceLive.

Rescheduling Appointments

  • The Provider Firm and/or its Service Pros must NOT initiate the rescheduling of appointments unless instructed by the Buyer’s T&Cs or order management process.
  • Original Service windows (date/time) are specified by the buyer only.

No Call. No Show.

  • Service Pro or Provider Firm must contact the Buyer immediately if there is any reason why they are not able to make the scheduled appointment time.

Accepting and Releasing Service Orders

  • Service Pros must NOT release service orders or cancel the appointment due to failing on reading the entire scope of work prior to accepting the service order.
  • Service Pros cannot release any service order within 24 hours of service date for reasons not initiated or approved by the Buyer.

Unprofessional Conduct

  • Any Service Pros reported to have an unprofessional behavior during the service event.
  • Service Pros must NOT discourage the end user about the Buyer or ServiceLive.
  • Service Pros cannot discuss another ServiceLive Provider or be derogatory when speaking with the end user or any ServiceLive Buyer.
  • Service Pros may not upload any inappropriate picture in their ServiceLive profile. That includes:
  • Company logo
  • Sexual content

Failure to Return Parts or Accessories

  • Service Pros must return all Parts to the Buyer as specified in the service orders per Buyer’s Terms and Conditions.

Less Than Three Star Rating

  • Service Pros must maintain a 3 Star Overall Rating (Current ServiceLive Rating scale is 5 Star).
  • Service Pros that perform low/poor work quality may receive lower ratings by the Buyer.

ServiceLive implemented a Provider Deactivation Appeals Process to enable a Provider to appeal a case to an Advisory Council to ensure Service Pros and Buyers treatment is with the utmost fairness and respect.

The Advisory Council consists of experienced ServiceLive Service Pros who will act as a peer review board.  The purpose of this is to empower our community to self-police to ensure the quality and integrity of our Service Pros.

Provider Firms or Service Pros, who are deactivated due to any of the above reasons, may submit a one page written appeal to the Advisory Council.  If a decision to deactivate a Provider Firm or Service Pro is made whether temporarily or permanently, ServiceLive will submit the reasons supporting the decision along with all evidence used to reach the decision.

In order to ensure that the Appeals Process is a true peer review and to maintain the neutrality in our marketplace, ServiceLive will not interfere with the Advisory Council’s decision to deactivate a Provider. If the Advisory Council determines that the Service Pro should be reinstated, ServiceLive will reinstate the Provider.

The Appeals Process will be as follows:

  • Provider Firm may only appeal Simple and Critical Infraction Corrective Actions.
  • All appeal requests must be sent to .
  • Appeal will go to a vote by the ServiceLive Advisory Committee.
  • Voting process can last up to 24 hrs.
  • Votes will count for or against the Service Pro and/or Provider Firm.
  • Appeal results will be sent to the Provider Firm within 48-72 hrs of the Appeal being submitted.
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