Glossary of ServiceLive Terms

Glossary of ServiceLive Terms

Below you will find a useful list of terms used throughout the ServiceLive System.

Website Terms

  • ServiceLive Administrator – A ServiceLive Administrator is neither the Buyer nor the Provider, but an employee or contractor of ServiceLive.
  • Dashboard – A landing or starting screen designed for a particular user from which you can easily accesses needed functionality.
  • Forum – This is another name for online discussion board or virtual community.
  • Service Order Monitor – The tabbed interface that allows for user interaction with the Service Order process.
  • Provider Registration Terms
  • Complete Registration Status – A ServiceLive administrator has validated your business information and is currently reviewing any documents you have uploaded with your application.
  • Declined Registration Status – There is a problem with your account; it did not meet all the requirements or it has invalid data.
  • Incomplete Registration Status – Your application form is not complete; additional information needs to be completed.
  • Not Started – You have not entered any information in profile.
  • Out Of Compliance Registration Status – After review of one or more of your certifications or credentials (such as insurance) errors found or require updated information.
  • Pending Approval Registration Status – Your application is complete and under review by ServiceLive Administrators. This status applies to your insurance, background check, etc.
  • Sears Provider Approved Registration Status – Your application is complete and approved by a Sears District Contract Manager. You are now eligible to perform Service Orders for Sears.
  • ServiceLive Approved Registration Status – Your application is complete and all of your approved Service Pros are eligible to participate in work.
  • Suspended Registration Status – Your account is currently deactivated. Possible deactivation reason(s): violation of site terms and conditions, privacy policy, or provider agreement; failure to return a part; or, an investigation is underway over a Buyer issue.
  • Terminated Registration Status – Your account has been terminated.

Provider Terms

  • Accepted Service Order – The Buyer has received and the Service Pro has accepted the Service Order.
  • Active Service Order – The Buyer and Provider have both agreed and accepted a Service Order. A Service Order will remain in “Active” status while the Service Pro is performing the work.
  • Completed Service Order – A completed Service Order but not necessarily paid by the Buyer.
  • Completion Record – A record or document that is proof of completion of a Service Order.
  • Conditional Acceptance – A Provider may accept a Service Order with conditions and make a counter offer to better suit the Service Order detail to the Provider’s needs, schedule, etc. On Service Orders they have received, Service Pros can “accept with conditions”. They may want more information about the job, request a different date for the job, or they may want more money to complete the order. It is up to the Buyer to accept the Service Pro’s new terms. A conditional acceptance does not keep the Buyer from routing the order to other Providers.  This makes it possible that other Providers will accept the work exactly as requested by the Buyer.
  • Credentials – Documentation and certification of skill level, professional experience, and/or background of a Service Pro.
  • Disputed Order –The Buyer or Provider has identified a problem with the order. Problem can occur at any point after an order is submitted, but before an order has been closed.
  • Expired Service Order – The Service Order has elapsed the system’s allotted time for acceptance and Service Pro has not accepted the Service Order.
  • IVR – This is an acronym for Interactive Voice Recognition. IVR is a communication medium between Service Pros in the field and ServiceLive.
  • Posted Service Order – Service Order that has been sent to the qualified Service Pros but is not yet accepted.
  • Provider Firm – In ServiceLive, there are Provider Firms (business or organization) and Service Pros (individuals performing the work).
  • Provider Rating – After a Service Order is completed, a Buyer has the option to rate the Service Pro as to how s/he handled the business transaction. These ratings are used as a quality assurance for future Buyers considering particular Providers.
  • Provider Time On Site – The time and date the Provider is on site performing the Service Order work.
  • Received Service Order – A Service Order received into the Service Order Monitor of the Provider.
  • Reschedule Request – As one of the terms of “Accepting (a Service Order) with Conditions”, a Service Pro may request to reschedule the Service Order to a time they are free to do the work.

Buyer Terms

  • Buyer Rating – After a Service Order is completed, a Service Pro has the option to rate the Buyer as to how s/he handled the business transaction. These ratings are quality assurance for future Providers considering a work order with a particular Buyer.
  • Canceled Service Order – A Service Order that the purchaser (Buyer) terminates.
  • Closed Service Order – A Service Order closed by the purchaser (Buyer) after completion of the work and received payment.
  • End User Or Customer – Usually this term refers to the Buyer of the Service Order. Buyers can be homeowners, businesses, or large organizations.
  • Financial Terms
  • ACH – This is an acronym for “Automated Clearing House”. An ACH allows for the electronic transfer of funds.
  • Increase Spend Limit – An increase in the original payment amount specified on a Service Order.
  • Spend Limit – The amount designated by the Buyer in the Service Order.
  • Generic Terms
  • Buyer – A Buyer is any person or company who contracts with a Service Provider to acquire service in return for a fee. Buyers are often homeowners or contractors looking for help from contractors. Additionally, many professional Buyers for large corporations create Service Orders. These could include big-box retailers who have service obligations to fulfill on a national level. All Buyers have the option to pre-fund service orders and schedule their services so you know they are serious about having work completed.
  • Materials – Parts needed by a Service Pro to complete a Service Order.
  • Qualifications – The skills of a Service Pro that can be found in Service Pro profiles.
  • Seller – This is a Service Pro selling a service.
  • Service Order – A Service Order is contract between a Buyer and Service Provider defining fee, time, date, location and scope of services to be performed. A Service Order is a statement of work that gives Service Pros the information they need to accept a job on behalf of their Service Provider, including contact information, the project date, pay scale, and detailed instructions.
  • Service Pro– The individual ServiceLive registered Service Pro who has Service Orders routed to them.
  • Service Provider – A person or company providing services which a Buyer can purchase through the marketplace.
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