Completion Record Tab (Completed and Closed Orders)

This lesson explains how to locate Completion Record tab via Today tab.  You can only view Completion Record tab from Completed or Closed Service Orders.
Note: There are multiple ways to navigate to Completion Record tab via Today tab.

  1. When you login to ServiceLive, the Dashboard tab will open.
  2. Navigate to Today tab:
    Note:  Dashboard will show number of orders currently on Today tab.

    • Click on Today link on dashboard.
    • OR click on Service Order Monitor tab.
    • Click on Today tab.
  3. Search for Completed Service Orders:
    Note:  Details for Today tab Search Filters are available in Today Tab lesson in Service Order Monitor course.

    • Use Status Filter to search for Completed Service Orders.
    • Select appropriate Sub-status Filter if needed.
    • Select appropriate Service Pro Name Filter if needed.
    • Select appropriate Market Filter if needed.
  4. View Completed Service Orders:
    • The list of Completed Service Orders will display.
      Note:  Most recent Completed Service Order displays at top of list.
    • To view entire list, use scroll down on right side of browser window AND
    • Use scroll down on right side of ServiceLive window.
    • Click on the Title link to view Completed Service Order details.
      Note:  You can also click on  white-right-arrow  button in View Detail column OR click on text in columns to expand/collapse Service Order details.
    • Click on  view-complete-service-order-button  button to display Summary tab and Completion Record tab.
  5. Completion Record tab:
    • Click on Completion Record tab.
      Note: The Completion Record tab displays when you have already Completed Service Order and Submitted for Payment.
    • You will also receive a message in red, “Your documents have been submitted to the buyer for payment. A summary of your completion record is below.”
    • If instead you see the Complete for Payment tab displays refer to Complete for Payment lesson in Complete and Close a Service Order course for details.
  6. Edit My Completion:
    • If Service Order is in Completed status (Today tab) and is not in Closed status (Inactive tab), you can still add Documents & Photos or make changes to information on the Completion Record tab.
    • Click on   edit-my-completion  button.
    • A message, “Completion Record can be updated now” will display.
    • You can edit Final Price (as long as same or lower than Maximum Price).
    • You can edit Parts if applicable.
    • You can edit Custom References if applicable.
    • You can attach additional Documents & Photos if applicable.
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