View Service Order Details

Merchandise Pick-Up Information:

1. Locate appropriate Service Order.
2. Tap Merchandise. 1

Note: The merchandise pick-up address is listed here.

3. Tap Part Reference Number.


Pick Up/Merchandise information is listed here. Also, if the product is already at the job site, this section will let you know. The part name, model number, manufacturer, etc. are listed here.


View Service Order Details & More Service Order Details:

1. Tap on Service Order.

Note: On the Service Order Details page, Customer Contact Information and Scope of Work/ Tasks for Service Order can be viewed.


2. Tap View to view more Service Order Details (See Below).


Service Order Details Screen
The following Service Order Details are available when you tap the different sections. These details include information the Buyer and Provider entered through the lifecycle of the Service Order.

Scope – Identifies details of work to be completed. Click different tasks to expand details
Overview – Overview of Service Order.
Appointment – Date and Time Window for Service Order.
Special Instructions – Additional Instruction for Service Order and Service Order Location Notes.
Buyer References – Optional Custom Reference fields used to track specific Buyer information.
Merchandise Parts – Identifies parts required for install.
Trip – List
View Photos & Documents – View photos or documents uploaded prior to the service call or reference photos or documents that you’ve uploaded here.
View Notes – View Notes entered by Buyer and Provider communications about Service Order.
Additional Services – List of available Add On Services.
Support Details – Service Order Location and Buyer Contact Information.
Buyers Terms & Conditions

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