Firm Profile: Insurance Tab

This lesson will explain how you will indicate whether you have the required insurance coverage.  ServiceLive requires all of its Provider Firms to maintain all requirements for the states and localities in which they do business and commercial business liability coverage in all states.

Add Insurance

  1. Once you have successfully completed Licenses & Certifications tab and you click on  next button  button, Insurance tab will open. You can also click directly on the Insurance tab.
  2. The Insurance FAQs popup box will display. Read all this information by using scroll down arrow to display.  Scroll back up, click on Close link in top right corner.
  3. Complete Insurance Requirements section in this tab which include:
    • General Liability
    • Vehicle Liability
    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  4. IMPORTANT steps and process for Getting Verified:
    • Read the information in the box: Get Verified. Get Noticed. Get Work!
    • Understand the process for completing insurance registration information, click on the ServiceLive Insurance Requirement Guide link on the right side of the screen.
    • Check your carriers rating, click on A.M. Best Company link on the right side of the screen.
  5. To certify Provider Firm has Insurance Coverage:
    • Select the radio button in front of “Yes” statement.
    • Enter coverage amount in appropriate box.
    • Click on  attach insurance button  button and a pop up screen will open.
    • Note: First time you upload a document, you will have an option to click on checkbox in front of “Use the same insurance certificate”. This will allow you to use the same insurance certificate for multiple types of insurance.
    • Click on  browse button  button.
    • Acceptable file types to attach will display on the screen.
    • Locate document on your computer, click to select, and click open to attach the appropriate document.
    • Type required information in boxes.
    • Click on drop down arrows to display and select choices.
    • Click on  save insurance button  button.
    • You will receive an error message in red if you have not completed the required fields that you must go back and complete in order to save.
    • Complete the above steps for each of the three types of insurance (General Liability, Vehicle Liability, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance).
  1. To certify Provider Firm does not have and is not required to have insurance coverage:
    • Select the radio button in front of “No, my provider firm does not…”
    • If applicable, complete the above steps for each of three types of insurance.
    • Click on  save insurance button  button.
  2. Keep in mind that you will get the  green check  icon on Insurance tab once you complete one type of insurance, but remember to follow all steps in this lesson called, “IMPORTANT steps and process for Getting Verified”.

Add Additional Insurances

Access the Firm’s Insurance tab:

  • Hover over  admin office button  tab.
  • Click on  edit company profile button  link.
  • Click on  insurance button  tab.
  • Scroll down and click  add insurance button  button.
  • Click drop down arrow to select Type of Credential.
  • Fill in all appropriate information for credential.
  • IF the information pertaining to the insurance type is included on the certificate of insurance currently uploaded on the Insurance tab, click checkbox labeled use same insurance button.
    IMPORTANT: When selecting the  use same insurance button  checkbox, the system automatically transfers the insurance information found on the document uploaded and prefills the required information.  Review and update information to avoid listing expired or outdated information.
  • IF information is not correct and you need to upload a new document, click on the  browse button  button to select file and click  attach button  button to attach file.
  • Click on  update insurance button  button.
  • Proof of insurance will automatically switch to Pending Approval status.
    Note: Documents are reviewed same day, by end of day, at the latest.
  • Insurance Documents will be visible to Buyer via View Company profile.
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