Setting up your Consumer Services tab


  1. Start at your Dashboard, hover over your Administrator Office tab, and click ServiceLive Consumer Services.


  1. Your Consumer Services page will display – you can add a company logo by clicking Add Logo.  You can upload an image and see a preview before saving your changes.
  2. Update your Primary Industry by clicking the edit icon.
  3. Update your company overview by clicking the edit icon next to Overview.
  4. You’ll see all credentials uploaded to your ServiceLive profile, and the status.
  5. Scroll down to the Service Offerings section, and click +Add Services Offered.

  1. The Services Offered page will display – you can find the service(s) you offer, and click +Select services under that category.  Even though the option to add a rage card is available here, the information is not being used at this time and has no impact to the Service Orders you receive.

  1. A new pop-up SKU window will display – select or deselect the SKU(s) you perform, add the pricing you charge for those SKU(s), and enter a daily limit on how many of those services you offer per day.  If you have Buyer 3333 (D2C / SPN agreements, you’ll need to refer to the updated pricing you’ve agreed to in your SPN agreement, and you can also find the updated pricing at the bottom of this page.
    • Clicking Details under each SKU will display a description of the scope of work.
    • Clicking View more will display a few additional SKU(s), and clicking the > arrow next to “view more” will display all SKU(s) under these categories.  Not all categories offer additional SKU(s).
    • After everything is correct on the screen, click Save.


  1. The Services Offered page will display again – after all service categories and SKU prices have been entered, click DONE.


  1. Your Consumer Services page will display again – the page will refresh and your Service Offerings section will be updated.



*Updated SKU Pricing

Service Title Primary SKU# Base Price – amount
Cancellation / Trip Charge – HA 3333429.HA $89.00
Cancellation / Trip Charge – Refrig 33334299.Refrig $89.00
Clean & Maintain – 1 Appliance – HA 3333430.1.HA $50.00
Clean & Maintain – 1 Appliance – Refrig 3333430.1.Refrig $50.00
Clean & Maintain – 2 Appliances – HA 3333430.2.HA $80.00
Clean & Maintain – 2 Appliances – Refrig 3333430.2.Refrig $80.00
Clean & Maintain – 3 Appliances – HA 3333430.3.HA $100.00
Clean & Maintain – 3 Appliances – Refrig 3333430.3.Refrig $100.00
Dishwasher – Major Repair 3333277.maj $250.00
Dishwasher – Minor Repair 3333277.min $210.00
Dryer: Electric – Major Repair 3333280.maj $250.00
Dryer: Electric – Minor Repair 3333280.min $210.00
Dryer: Gas – Major Repair 3333281.maj $250.00
Dryer: Gas – Minor Repair 3333281.min $210.00
Microwave – Major Repair 3333428.maj $250.00
Microwave – Minor Repair 3333428.min $210.00
Oven: Electric – Major Repair 3333298.maj $250.00
Oven: Electric – Minor Repair 3333298.min $210.00
Oven: Gas – Major Repair 3333299.maj $250.00
Oven: Gas – Minor Repair 3333299.min $210.00
Range: Electric – Major Repair 3333432.maj $250.00
Range: Electric – Minor Repair 3333432.min $210.00
Range: Gas – Major Repair 3333433.maj $250.00
Range: Gas – Minor Repair 3333433.min $210.00
Refrigerator – Major Repair 3333305.maj $340.00
Refrigerator – Minor Repair 3333305.min $260.00
Washer – Major Repair 3333317.maj $250.00
Washer – Minor Repair 3333317.min $210.00
Minor To Major Adustment – HA 3333431.HA $40.00
Minor To Major Adustment – Refrig 3333431.Refrig $80.00
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